About us

Çiftyıldız Mermer, which shapes the marble industry in Turkey, was founded in 1978 in the district of Söğüt, Bilecik by İbrahim Yıldız. Starting as a small marble workshop, this legacy continues today by introducing and exporting Turkish natural stones to all corners of the world. In 1986, Çiftyıldız Mermer accelerated its momentum in the industry with its first quarry operations, Yeşil Onyx and Onyx Bal. In 1988, the company acquired the Kemalpaşa Beyaz Mermer Quarry and established the Mustafa Kemalpaşa factory in 1992 as the product gained popularity in a few years. With these significant steps that increased production and service, Çiftyıldız Mermer elevated its export figures and became an important mineral exporter. By the 1990s, the company gained attention in boutique spaces and large structures due to the popularity of its light-colored stones. In response to this demand, the Bursa Açık Bej operation was initiated, followed by the opening of the Travertine operation in the Afyon region in 2000. As Çiftyıldız Mermer started to introduce and export Turkish stones to the world, it quickly assumed a more active role in the international market. To meet the high demand for Travertine and Beige stones, the company established distribution and sales depots under the name CMS-USA in the United States. Çiftyıldız Mermer continues to produce projects that can be applied to every area, from the simplest corners of living spaces to the foundational components of monumental structures, by enhancing natural stones with innovative and aesthetic concepts. It has been involved in Turkey’s tallest skyscrapers with Kemalpaşa Beyaz Mermer and made innovative touches by changing the color of cities like Turkmenistan – Ashgabat. Çiftyıldız Mermer has left its mark on the history of cities. These projects even found their place in Turkmen poetry with the words “My Ashgabat with White Marble.”

The company introduced a unique stone, Savana Grey, to the world market, opening up a new market segment in the industry. By entering the product lists most sought after and used by leading project firms and architects worldwide, the company made its success felt on a global scale. With its main stone, Green Onyx, which is found in only a few places in the world, Çiftyıldız Mermer participated in the most prestigious and exclusive projects, becoming a preferred choice in the industry. Additionally, to meet the industry’s needs, the company increased its product diversity by opening Bursa Light Beige, Bursa Cream Beige, Bursa Rose Beige, Mocha Beige, and Emperador operations for the widely used “Beige Group”. The company continues to serve as one of the lightest-colored stones with Bursa Cream Beige, while using durable Mocha Beige and Emperador for projects with high pedestrian circulation such as supermarkets and shopping malls. Çiftyıldız Mermer embellishes the stories of cities, streets, and avenues with its natural stones, producing timeless projects with its values open to innovation and development. With its modern factory, sales depots, 11 operational facilities consisting of raw materials, and a well-equipped team of 300 employees, the company prioritizes quality and carries forward the collective heritage of natural stone production into the future.


Vision - Mission

Our vision

Our vision is to enhance the reputation of Turkey’s natural stone resources on a global scale, contributing value to the country’s economy. We aim to ensure high customer satisfaction through our quality production capabilities and become a leading brand that shapes the future of the industry, reflecting our long-standing expertise. We are committed to transferring our environmental awareness from generation to generation and utilizing natural resources efficiently.

Our mission;

Our mission is to maintain our commitment to quality service and strive for excellence in natural stone production. We aim to continuously improve and update our production channels by keeping up with evolving technologies. We are dedicated to fulfilling our responsibilities towards our customers without compromise.

Çiftyıldız Quality