Once upon a time there was a center no one could change and a power no one even stand up to.For human beings, “Its” cold voice was law, everything from “It” was holy.It was the “One” the guest of legendaries and also the “One” that opens all doors through civilisations. The legendary presence during the period from the first human being to modern-day was like a shadow of the time. This power named “stone”, sometimes an object of ritual and most of the time representative of strength and prestige, was the most reliable power for living. However this power from it was not enough for human who changes in time and introduces its individualism. He had to own more and make progress by taking bigger steps. Thus, when he wanted to embody it with soul and to make the object of his own feelings, he began to shape it by dressing  As becoming modern, he differentiated it by converting it from form to form with his increased skills and technology; treated it with a great respect for his sophistications.

The foundation of Ciftyildiz Natural Stone Group was laid by Ibrahim Yildiz who was the board chairman in Sogut County of Bilecik in 1978, in order to implement such sophistications, as well. The business was started with manufacturing of Onyx souvenir in a small marble atelier. While the natural stone export was in progress in 1986, at the same time, Green Onyx and Honey Onyx Enterprises were incorporated into the group as the first raw material enterprises.

By reason of increasing transportation costs with the opening of Kemalpasa Marble Quarry in 1988 and Sogut Factory did not have the sufficient production capacity; Mustafa Kemalpasa Factory was established in 1992. Therefore, Ciftyildiz Group, has been referred to as one of the leading mine exporter in Turkey, by ascending the exporting figures with the quarrying that it had founded. Moreover, the white marble of Kemalpasa was used in many international and very prestigious projects.

With the increasing interest for light colored stones in the mid of 1990s, the products of Bursa Light Beige Quarry and Travertine Quarry  founded in 2000 in the area of Afyon-Emirdag were begun to be processed in Sogut Factory. Especially, in order to easily and rapidly meet the demand of Travertine and Beige Stones for which the American Market showed a deep interest in, a distribution and sales warehouse was opened with the name CMS USA in Texas-Houston of America in 2003. Therefore, Ciftyildiz Group claimed its place among the international natural stone manufacturers. Once noticing the markets which are constantly in pursuit of innovation.Savana Grey Exploitation was founded. After a short while, several companies were established for the Beige group stones which succeeded to participate in the prestigious projects of the world and the type of this group was ascended to 5.

With the incorporation of Karacabey Black Marble, which is the oldest and the highest quality black marble of Turkey, into Ciftyildiz Group in 2007, Silver White Exploitation was founded and offered to market to be an alternative for the search of economical and homogeneous white marble at the same time. Today, being among the leading natural stone manufacturers of the world and having presented the Turkish Stones in many prestigious projects in 40 countries of the world, Ciftyildiz Group renders service with its 12 raw material exploitation, 2 factories, 3 sales warehouses in the country and 2 sales warehouses at abroad and 300 employees. Since the formation of the world, it has been continuing to produce the common building stones of life which are founded multicolored and multi-shaped.